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I made a cardboard sketch and hid it out in the world.  Haven’t done that in a while and I’m thinking about doing a bunch of them this week and hiding them out on the town for Fall Arts next week.

The last week has come and gone in a relative blur.  This is good news I think, but am unwilling to really weigh in on yet.

The new Ausgang City comic is swinging right along, and I’m starting on images for the second issue.  This pleases me.  I managed to get the drawings done, now it’s a quick inking and the issue is ready (crosses fingers)

The boardgame (fairies and dragons?  Princesses and Fairies?  Lands and Fairies? Princess Fields?) is pretty swell.  I’m running into an issue creating hundreds of interior polygons while making a boolean with the 3d character models but I think i’ve figured out that I’m going to solve it by importing my .obj into sketchup and creating the boolean in there.

Writing on “Young Necromancer” continues and as an exercise it’s working out, but as a writing practice I’m really dropping the ball. I think I only wrote three days in the last week.  Next week i’m supposed to start adding Editing Time into the process and migrate over from paper to computer.  I’m pretty nervous about that.

Getting the most from my six hours of production time every day is harder than I thought it would be. Turns out that most of my time is spent on things other people want my help on, and that’s fine, I just need to start flexing my “F-You” muscles and put myself first, at least till a couple of things are done.

Didn’t get anything done on the Mattress project at all this week and it’s starting to growl from it’s corner in the studio.



Working on the Game continues, with a sweet game played saturday at the Wereloft.

Got a bunch of adults together this time and it interestingly went “hack and slash” from the get go, with only one of the players exploring the Enchanting method of gameplay.  That was a first and I need to change the language on the Hydra card, because they killed it on the first round and I think it will play better if it comes back every round regardless.

The players also wanted more interaction with the tile cards, with some ideas getting thrown around.  I’m still on the fence about it, but dont’ have any concrete reasons why.

Good times.

In other news, I applied for a DINK fellowship.  It looks like a cool conference and while I like the way the organizers are looking for diversity with their application, I found it challenging to answer them honestly.  Sitting at home later it became clear to me that it is because they are question’s I’ve never sought to define for myself and while they may be pertinent to the national conversation, I don’t find them to be useful ideas to pitch around in my own head.  They get in the way of the work.

One question, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” gave me pause because I’m nearing the end of my current 5 year plan and it was really shocking to realize I didn’t have a handle on where I’m headed the next ten years.  So thank you DINK organizers, that was a nice zen moment that’s been about five years coming 🙂

For months now i’ve been operating on a burner phone and using the iphone-6 in my pocket as a fancy camera and web interaction tool.  It should be noted that I’ve hated the phone since before it was in my pocket.  Our time together hasn’t improved the relationship.

Don’t’ judge me.

This all started years ago when Verizon claimed it was my friend and we had months and months of great times together but when I dumped them to quit my life they threw a big party and burned my things.

While I’m on the road filming Apache Blues the wife flips her old iphone onto their network and starts getting on my case to do so as well.

Couple weeks ago I drop into Verizon because we’re out running errands and I can’t think up an excuse fast enough.  Sure they can jailbreak my iphone; “no problem.” and then I ask if they can port the track phone number so I don’t have to deal with that at all.  “sure”  But AHA! I haven’t paid the trakphone bill for the month so they can’t.

No problem, thinks I, outwitted the wife!  No such luck.  I buy a month of trackphone and everything is hunky dory till this week when she’s all “I want to send you pictures of our darling lovechild; get your shit together” so I go over to Verizon.

They take $17 for a sim card, so they can talk to my iphone.

They take $40 for a plan so their network can talk to my iphone.

They hand me the phone to call ATT to jailbreak my iphone?  Turns out they cannot, in fact, do what they claimed, and goly gosh once the sim card’s out of the packaging they can’t take it back and well boy it isn’t the networks fault is it?

So now I don’t have a phone again, which is a win for me…

The wife might have other ideas.


I need some kind of IMEI code that can be uploaded to apple’s “okay” list.  Somehow this isn’t reassuring.


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