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A Couple Animation Reel’s I’m Proud Of

I’ve been recovering from the loss of some of my work on youtube.  It was the last bastion of several pieces (1998-2009) that walked when my apartment in Oakland was burgled.  I’ve managed to re-acquire some of them, and put them up on my YouTube page, but many are sadly MIA.  If you’ve got a copy of something that I don’t, please let me know 🙂

Below are some of the things I’ve been doing since then.

I opened and closed a little animation studio:  Studio Peligroso.

In July 2012  we released “Long Slide Back” which we shot the first week of July 2011.   We did a couple short films, the usual corporate work, and pitched a couple video games and TV shows; sadly we had to close our doors.  I learned a lot and put a checkmark next to one of my life goals.

Over at Rainbows and Unicorns we toured around our recent short “Happy Birthday, Dad” to a bunch of film festivals, and got distribution.

We’ve got a couple features written and we’ve been writing a column for Final Draft called “How I Broke In” that’s getting us exposure in Hollywood.

We were also been lauded as Winners in a Writers Store contest and a couple other things that you can read about on my Stage 32 page.

In my copious spare time I made music videos for some cool bands:

Tina and her Pony

Society Burning

Third Seven

Vanilla Pop

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