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I, Frankenstein

Netflix I, Frankenstein I have a really amazing stomach flu.  Let me just preface with that.  I’ve been up for days on and off excreting out my ends and fevering it up.  My wife and wondrous child have it as well.  If you’ve never taught a toddler how to puke, you’ve got some more living […]


Chico & Rita

Chico & Rita Hanging out with my friend Tina the other day (no you drugged out hipsters, this one) and we decided to double date at the TCA early in the week. Spent the day shooting video for UNM and then walked from my office over to the theatre. My girl was running late and […]


Man of Steel

My roomate hadn’t had enough movies after WWZ and he took me to Man of Steel. It was awesome. Zack Snyder has had some success with his films lately, and Amir Mokri is the reason this one kicks so much ass.  This film is littered with special effects, and to combat that Mr. Mokri has used […]